Forum Title: Winter plan for North Atlanta?
So first year taking care of a TFP pool. As winter approaches I have decided I don?t want to officially close the pool. I have a mesh green safety cover with the springs and I do want to cover it for the leaves but would like to keep the pump on and chemicals correct. I have a SWG plug so I will take it out and install the pipe. My questions are what then? Pump run time? Chlorine? Anything else? I can wait until whenever to cover it and I do have a frozen protection knob on the timer and pump. I have read many threads but can?t find one that mimics my situation here in North Atlanta. I wouldn?t even put the cover on but am afraid of the leaf content if I don?t cover it at least come November. Th pool company always drained it down below the skimmers and I assume blew out the lines. I don?t really think here in GA I need to do that Thanks for the help.
Category: pool Post By: ALEXANDER HARVEY (Downey, CA), 02/13/2019

As in many situations like us who are in those moderate-warm climates, we can let the pool stay open. Once the colder temps hit, the water will get chilly and drop to about 60 or below. Mine has gotten down to the high 30s-low 40s. No chance of freezing like up north. When the water gets below 60, chlorine demand comes to a crawl. You'll see. If your FC is 6 on Monday, you may not add bleach until Friday. Just depends on how cold the water is and if any junk got in the water that ate chlorine. Most other chemical levels will slow down as well unless you have some heavy winter rains. Last winter was an odd one across the south. Many areas took some hits with freezing damage never seen before. So if you do stay open, think ahead about wraps, blankets, lights for heat, etc that you may need to use to keep the pump and/or plumbing above ground at the equipment pad from freezing. You'll find there won't be much else to do with the pool during the winter except check to ensure any junk gets scooped out.

- TERRY NGUYEN (Orange, CA), 03/30/2019

I never even removed my SWG. Changed the pump to run mostly at night and checked the FC every couple of days. As the temps got cooler the SWG stopped functioning and I would put a few PPM in every couple of days. If there was a freeze warning, I would set the pump to run continuously for the day. Didn't even cover it. Just dipped out whatever leaves or sticks fell in. No big deal. Things might be different with the new pool if I ever get it installed...but I doubt it.

- WANDA FOSTER (Council Bluffs, IA), 03/04/2019

Thank you for this thread! Your situations are pretty much exactly like mine. I use a leaf net until the leaves are finished, then pull it off and enjoy looking at the water during the winter. Looks great when there is snow! Last year was a disaster (first time owner) so now with TFP I feel alot better heading into this off-season.

- DON AUSTIN (Allentown, PA), 03/24/2019

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