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My pool is no longer neglected since spring is here. So I started Sat 4/18 with a dark green almost black pool. PH was 8.2+ CL 0 TA 50. Since it was so dark I chose a target of 30 for CL 7.5 for PH and TA of 120. So I added the appropriate amount of Baking soda, Muratic acid and 12.5% CL. Within 30 min. It went to a light brown. I thought woohoo no problems this year. Within 2 hours it was no longer any color it was cloudy but clear if you know what I mean. The only thing I noticed was very very fine foam on top. So over night it ran filtering.... The foam in the morning was still there not as much, but still there. Check my levels all is good. Added some CL to make up my loss. I can now see the brush when it is at the bottom. Just curious though about this very very fine foam. Any idea's?
Category: pool Post By: SHARON WHITE (Jackson, TN), 02/23/2019

Glad things are almost OK! When Ive seen foaming like you mention, it's in salt pools where a linear quat algeacide has been added. You didn't mention any algaecide, but thought I'd mention this

- MARSHALL DOYLE (Springdale, AR), 04/10/2019

Sometimes organic oils can cause foaming. Chlorine will break down the oils and stop the foaming, but it takes time for the chlorine to get to the oil that is in the foam you started out with. Be aware that very very high FC levels can accelerate the aging on a vinyl liner. The effect isn't usually obvious, it just shortens the lifetime a little. That is why we have a table of appropriate shock levels for your CYA level. The shock levels in the table are safe for the liner. Levels a lot higher than that will not be.

- SHANNON BURKE (Roswell, GA), 04/07/2019

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