Forum Title: How Many Hours Per Day for the pump?
While we have our pool open now and THANK YOU to TFP, our water is crystal clear, my question is: How many hours per day do you run your pump and filter? 24x7? During the day only? During the night only? Thanks, Jeri
Category: pool Post By: GEORGIA WOLFE (Folsom, CA), 03/20/2019

I typically run mine 8 hours in the summer. 4 in the morning, 4 in the evening. It depends on how long it takes to 'turn over' your water (Run it all thru the filter at least once)

- TINA SULLIVAN (Folsom, CA), 03/26/2019

There's not really a set answer to your question because it depends on so many different rate limiting factors. I run mine for four hours a day. I know that my water turns over at least once with this amount of time. It also gives the cleaner a chance to really cover everything too. I run mine in the early morning and will also run it on demand for an hour or so after the sun sets if I am adding chems. Based on your pump size and pool size, someone will probably be able to give you a ballpark starting point on how long to run your pump. Generally, you can run the pump for less and less time each day, testing the water and observing the clarity of your water all the while, until you reaching a break point where you know that the water is no longer staying as clean as it normally would. Then you know what the best run time is for your particular pool.

- DON AUSTIN (Allentown, PA), 03/25/2019

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