Forum Title: green pea soup at start-up
oh pool gurus, i am not a happy man this morning. i got the pool put together last weekend, added enough water to get it going and last night started her up. the water is so awful i can't see the bottom. actually, i can't see anything at all except green pea soup. my plan was to add floc last night & then vacume to waste tonight after work, then start the shocking process. well, this morning i looked at it and the floc did nothing. how am i going to vacume up the **** i know is lingering at the bottom when i can't even SEE IT ! this sucks. should i just start running the filter & adding bleach till i can sort of see the bottom and then vacume or should i just vacume in a hit or miss sort of fashion now? i didn't want to add all the bleach before i vacumed to waste cuz then i'd have wasted the bleach, ya know? also, when i was reciculating the water last night to get the floc distributed, i noticed all this stuff coming to the surface that looked like a million little jelly fish? wierd looking stuff. any ideas as to what this stuff is? it's not solid, cuz when i tried to scoop it out with the net it just fell apart like a liquid or a thin goo. i don't have a good feeling about this pool season, but with the help of all you great pool minds here, i hope i'll get it to all work out. - and, one more question- is it bad to leave my multi-port valve on the filter in the recirculate setting when the pump is not running? here's why i'm asking. when i put it to close last night after i shut 'er down, i had water running out of the air bleeder valve. i turned it back to recirculate and the water stopped coming out. i inspected the bleeder valve and noticed the o-ring on it was all cracked & falling apart. i am going to try to find a replacement o-ring a.s.a.p., but in till i do, i figured i'd just leave it in reciculate while the pump is off. any problem with that idea? i thank y'all for your help.
Category: pool Post By: GREG CURTIS (Greeley, CO), 03/15/2019

I see no reason why you can't leave it in recirculate while the pump is off. After circulating for a while, can you get a full set of results and post them here? I agree, if you plan to vacume to waste it seems sort of silly to put a ton of bleach in, but if you can't see, you can't it is hit and miss, that's entirely up to you. If it were me, I'd get some bleach in there to begin killing the algae and start giving it some clarity so that you can see a bit better for vacuming. I've never used floc. But from what I understand, floc works better when the bulk of the thick gross stuff is already works by bonding the smaller particles together so they can be filtered/vacumed out. Like the greyish dead algae that is too small for the sand filter to catch, sort of the end stage of defeating algae blooms....I don't think it works well for the start of the process. The jellyfish thingys...perhaps somekind of bacteria/algae? Who knows, but the chlorine should rid it from your pool. Test results!

- TINA SULLIVAN (Escondido, CA), 03/21/2019

Added any chemicals other than floc? Some filter aids and non-chlorine shocks get a gelatinous quality to them when they hit the water. Otherwise I'd assume something was trying to breed. No problem leaving the MPV in recirculate with the pump off. Kill all the algae before you start trying to vacuum. If the algae are alive, they're reproducing, so you're fighting an uphill battle trying to physically remove them. And it takes the same chlorine level to kill a little algae as it does to kill a lot, so you're not going to save yourself much work. Go ahead and get to killin', and get the filter back on 'filter' asap.

- DEANNA CORTEZ (Norman, OK), 03/21/2019

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