Forum Title: Gizzmo and return line plug problems
Hi all. I'm trying to close my pool properly and I went out and bought a Gizzmo for my skimmer and a return plug for my return. I go to screw the Gizzmo in the skimmer and the first thing I find out, is that the bottom of the Gizzmo is bigger than the skimmer hole. Second thing I notice is that my skimmer hole doesn't have any threads. I checked Gizzmo's website to see if they had other styles of Gizzmo's, but all of them are thread-based. What should I do now? The hole appears to be about 1 1/4 wide, rough estimate. As for the return plug, it has an O-ring on it to make a good seal, problem is that the plug only screws in 1/2 way before bottoming out. Is this the wrong plug or is this normal? I can't see how this would be normal, b/c why would the O-ring be on there to make a seal, yet the plug not screw down all the way to the O-ring? I also bought both of these parts at the pool store where I bought my pool and these parts were the ones recommended to me by them, so I'm glad they know their pools and what accessories are needed for them. Now I need to make another trip to return these and either get a refund or see if they have the right stuff for me. Can someone help me out please? Thanks.
Category: pool Post By: SHARON WHITE (Jackson, TN), 02/10/2019

You can teflon or silicon the return plug without much trouble. The gizzmo can be scientifically weighed down with some duct tape and a rock, but it won't plug the skimmer, so you'll need a rubber plug for that. Once you've got the plug in the skimmer, fill it with water to make sure you've got enough weight on the gizzmo to keep it down.

- MINNIE PADILLA (Avondale, AZ), 04/15/2019

Thanks again.

- CHRISTIAN MILES (Vista, CA), 03/31/2019

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